Creative digital speaker

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Creative digital speakers, the back of the design is reasonably generous, and can insert the SD card, U disk, then the computer comes standard with a compact remote control, simple and stylish appearance, suitable for prenatal / Morning / family / physical store music.


Unique ID design, Smooth Surface,Paper tube speaker cavity, effectively reducing the cabinet resonant noise. MP3/WMADual decoding master chip.Automatically search and read and play SD/MMC cards and USB disk MP3/WMA music format, support multiple subdirectories.
* LED display.
* FM stereo radio.
* Infrared remote control.
* Inserted after the first play function.
* Breakpoint memory.
* Digital volume control.
* Taiwan's low-power Class-D digital amplifier, the effective use of power for more than 90%.
* 2-inch HiFi stereo speaker.
* Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, life playing time more than 4 hours.

Finish: High-gloss white plastic shell, screen printing color pattern

Exquisite craftsmanship, leading technology

Ports: USB input terminal *1 PCS, SD/MMC card Block *1 PCS, Nokia charging terminals *1 PCS, Audio input terminal *1 PCS, Mini USB terminal *1 PCS


1. Unique ID design, Smooth Surface
2. With SD/MMC/USB Player
3. 2-inch stereo speaker
4. Removable battery
5. 180x80x110mm

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