Dance mat

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Dance mat -from
Dance mat -from greekk.comDance mat -from greekk.comDance mat -from

Dancing blankets, wireless sensor touch products, blankets, built-in wireless receiver, without complicated installation, connected to the computer, like to feel like wearing a wrist band on your wrist, turn on the switch, a distance of 3 m 360-degree sensor, how to jump how to jump, unlimited play, enjoy the best of the dance, and entertainment without limi


Want to lose weight! Would like to fitness! Tell you a good way to make you a month to have a healthy slim body, allows the whole family together to participate in the exercise, it is popular in the global video game industry - the dance mat. You only need to spare an hour a day, you can consume 1,200 calories a day, entertainment, fitness, weight loss, at the same time! You can double play for couples to play!


Size: 95cm long, 85cm wide, thick 8mm data cable, 1.8m.

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