Laishida wireless controller

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Laishida light PXN8633 wireless controller is a wireless transmission technology using 2.4Ghz 10M dual-vibration handle. In addition to using wireless connections, but also use the USB cable connected to the computer.


Laishida light PXN-8633 zero-latency, interference, dual vibration characteristics highlights the value of products, applications for live, Need for Speed​​, Dynasty Warriors and street basketball and other stand-alone game, KartRider and other kinds of online games, operating experience and feature set on the player to fully meet the needs of the unrestrained enjoyment of the game fully released.

1, using 2.4GHz RF wireless technology, transmission distance up to 10M, so the game will no longer be bound. Game wireless, unlimited wonderful;
2, with 1.8 meter USB power supply line, in the case of low battery, you can use the USB power cable to connect the handle to the computer, so the game is no longer subject to interference power;
3, the intelligent power-saving mode;
4, a key function of bursts;
5, in the "KOF" and other fighting games, by MARCO key can be set in a variety of moves a set of function keys on the Easy Fun fighting the big move;
6, dual-mode switch (mode button to switch through the digital mode and analog mode);
7, the keyboard and mouse mapping function, to achieve stand-alone human-machine gaming, online multiplayer, all kinds of games will be caught;
8, dual vibration function.

Laishida light PXN-8633 wireless controller looks elegant fashion, flow linear shape, user-friendly design; using 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, the design of intelligent power-saving mode, both the handle, keyboard, mouse, three modes for you to concentrate on building a stand-alone or network, whether wireless controller all-around game, is a breakthrough in the lowest price of similar products.


Built-in features: 2.4GHz wireless transmission module, dual vibration
Working distance: up to 10 meters distance barrier
Current: Maximum work 8mA, 100mA maximum current of less than
Battery: 3 AAA

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