Nine generations of the wall-mounted CD audio

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Nine generations of the wall-mounted CD audio is the top product in the audio, the fine workmanship of high quality and perfect harmony of sound, to bring you an incredible music experience.


Built-in dual speakers of Japanese imports of NTC, with the high-fidelity digital amplifier to maintain the integrity of the music signal, the speaker has an unparalleled dynamic performance and high-fidelity sound to restore accurate, transparent sound.

product also equipped with a bass reflex resonance unit, with the the NTC dual speakers, high and low combination of sound quality is excellent.

High-sensitivity FM professional FM module, to bring you the top FM radio effect.

product is equipped with a digital display, FM band, the tracks play details at a glance.

Supports digital selections, single loop and the entire disk loop.

power and memory to support the song, volume, power failure memory, radio FM power and memory.

Supports audio playback CD.CD-R.MP3.WMA format? Raised?

new wall mount bracket patented technology, the wall without drilling, easy installation, safe.


Color: white, sky blue

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